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Igniting Mindsets




Up to 8 hours

About the Course

Join us to cultivate a mindset that thrives on effort, continual learning, and a proactive approach to success.

Key Take-Aways

  1. Participants will practice reframing challenges as growth opportunities and commit to persevering through difficulties, actively seeking out and engaging with tasks that push their boundaries.

  2. By identifying and challenging fixed mindset beliefs, participants will develop a habit of embracing uncertainty, willingly taking on new challenges, and fostering a mindset that values effort and improvement.

  3. Through setting goals that require sustained effort, seeking out continuous learning experiences, and developing a personal resilience plan, participants will build a foundation for consistent growth and increased adaptability in the face of setbacks.

Ideal Audience

Employees at all levels can benefit from learning how to approach their work with a mindset that embraces challenges and learning opportunities.

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